Friday, February 26, 2010

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.....


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mlp said...

I love this idea. I once knew a woman who used to travel Europe on a Eurail pass. She and a friend would get off a train in, say, Paris and then hop another one without looking where it was going. She did this one time and woke up in the train in complete darkness, no one in the train, but her friend, who had also fallen asleep. The train didn't seem to be moving forward, but it was bobbing up and down. They found their way out of the train only to find themselves in the bottom of a ferry. The train had gone to Denmark and then boarded a ferry to Scandinavia. If you find yourself in the middle of Lake Champlain, give me a holler.

Serena Kovalosky said...

What a GREAT story! Sounds like something I'd do - fall asleep on a train and end up God knows where! Thanks for sharing!
One of my friends did ask me what would happen if the pencil point landed in the middle of a lake, so I just might be writing from Lake Champlain for my next post!
- SerenaK

Stacey said...

I feel your pain, Serena. Just got word that a Texas getaway planned in March has been abruptly cancelled. So true about travelers and flexibility. It goes hand-in-hand with adventure!

Love the idea of dropping a pin on the map. I'll try that next time I'm feeling the need to explore.

Great photo of Route 22, by the way. Look forward to your next post.

Happy Trails,

Serena Kovalosky said...

Thanks, Stacey! It's the temporary disappointments in travel that sometimes force us to step outside the box to discover something new!
- SerenaK

Mary Holland said...

Go Serena! That's the beauty of living in paradise...wild adventure at every turn! Enjoy!


Serena Kovalosky said...

Thanks, Mary, it'll be great fun to step completely into the unknown!
- SerenaK