Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magical Mystery Tour


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Mary Holland said...

Sounds like a lovely adventure! As it happens I have been through Gayville and even eaten at Tozier's, yet with your history, it will never look the same to me again. Thank you for reminding us how much farther we can get when we embrace the spirit of our human connection. Enjoying the tour so far, and awaiting your next excursion with anticipation and delight!

Serena Kovalosky said...

Thanks Mary, it's always great to have you along (vicariously!) for the ride! I'm so grateful to have actually "experienced" Gaysville, which has given me a new perspective on all the hidden treasures that can be found on country roads!
- SerenaK

Stacey said...

What an adventure! You took the unknown and made it pure fun. Loved what you discovered along the way about this unheard of little place. You're teaching even the most seasoned travelers (and daytrippers) how to wring as much pleasure as possible from wherever it is we find ourselves exploring. Thanks for another dazzling description from the road.

Serena Kovalosky said...

Thanks, Stacey. It was a great to arrive at a destination with no other expectations than to discover something new. Curiosity is always rewarded!
- SerenaK

Jan ockunzzi said...

Serena, You inspire me, to go somewhere, to paint something, to do SOMETHING NEW, to get back to my own blog and write. I have been off in too many other directions lately. But I love your style, the chance encounters, the adventure, the fun.

Serena Kovalosky said...

Thanks, Jan! Traveling to a new place always inspires creativity! Keep those great juices flowing!
- SerenaK